Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Challenge

This last year has been a major challenge for me. An exact year ago today, I was laying unconscious in a hospital bed in ICU with my family wondering if I was going to survive the severe flu/pneumonia I had become ill with the week before Christmas. Obviously, things worked out for the best. There have been some obstacles to overcome but I have worked very hard to continue to build the glass art business that I love.

This blog has suffered terribly, but hopefully, at least during the month of January, I'll be a bit better at updating it. I joined a "challenge" group. This particular challenge is to make a fused glass powder sgraffito drawing every day for 30 days. There will be limitations/suggestions/challenges on each day's drawing.

Now, first of all, I'm not sure I can even pronounce "sgraffito" properly, let alone use this technique. I also can NOT draw. I have never done this before. But I want 2015 to be about stretching my wings and doing things I've never done before, so, great way to start out the new year!

Today's challenge was to make a drawing in the glass power using only my fingers. Heh. Harder than it might sound. How do you get the edges even and straight using just your fingers? You're not going to be able to draw tiny details using fingers either. This picture is about my third or fourth attempt. I decided to try and depict an exploding firework to celebrate this new direction for this new year. Thankfully, I don't need to fire each of these drawings. Since I haven't done this before, I think I need to do some research before I actually fire one, to see how much powder should be used. Since frit (crushed glass) carries a lot of air in it, it can shrink quite a bit when it gets fired, so it may not look like you want it to after it comes out of the kiln. Also, the official challenge calls for you to use black glass powder. I don't happen to have any at the moment, so red it is!

Tomorrow's challenge is to draw a tree. We can only use fingers and a business card to aid our drawing. We'll see if I can come up with something recognizable!

If you want to follow along and see what the other artists do, the "official" blog is here:
Modern Ancient Glass

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