Monday, June 2, 2008

New Things

I was fortunate enough to be hired by a local stained glass shop. I had taken a couple of bead making classes there, then I took a stained glass class. I had made a sum total of three stained glass pieces before I started there. They knew I had the experience with fusing, etc. and they are taking a leap of faith by teaching me the stained glass stuff. This piece is my first one completed since I started at the shop. The pattern is from a book "Celtic Knotwork" by Rachel Cecere. (Making sure to give proper credit!) The main glass of the knot is NOT tan... it's an antique white glass with a slight opalescence to it that I can't get to photograph any other way but tan! I've been playing with a stained glass design program, so the next one I do is going to be my design!

This shop is "Designer Glass Works" in Layton, and they just finished a beautiful window and 12 stained glass crosses for a local Catholic church. They had the stained glass work done before I started there, but I got the job of gluing the two types of crosses together. I snapped this picture before they went out the door to be installed. I hope to go to that church and take pictures of what they look like installed.

I did manage to get some cabs fused over Memorial Day weekend, and they've all been sold already! Here's a pic though. I'm headed out to the garage to cut some more glass and see if I can't get another fusing done.

Design by Duane Miles, beaded by Kerry