Thursday, October 28, 2010


This weekend we celebrate Halloween here in the US. It's not my most favorite holiday in the year, but it can be fun. It's a bit of a mixture of memory and traditions for me.

As a kid I lived in a very rural area. You didn't walk to trick or treat. You went by car because the houses are so far apart. But, we knew everyone who's house we visited. (I'm still surprised by trick or treaters at my door that I don't know. I could be a crazy maniac for all you know!) But year after year, we also knew where the good treats were... homemade doughnuts at Helen's, homemade gingerbread men at Twila's. The homemade stuff was the best... I really miss that.

When I was 10 years old... Halloween was a bit different. I got a baby sister. She was born at 12:00...... noon. Hehehe. She's both loved and hated the birthday. Her house is always decorated for Halloween, and I mean decorated. She's an assistant to the president of a nationally known company, and they usually have their big sales meeting this time of year. She's in charge of planning all that, so her birthday has been brushed aside quite a bit. This year when my daughter threatened to keep her legs crossed and not give birth until Halloween, my sister was pretty strong in her advice to her niece... "no Halloween baby!" No one wants to party with you on Halloween, apparently. (No worries... the new baby girl entered the world on the 22nd)

Then, of course, there is the Celtic tradition of Samhain. The end of the harvest, the lighting of bon fires against the coming of the dark months. The mysticism of those who have passed before. Are they still there? Do they roam the earth this night?
Halloween will probably be a mix of all of the above. I'll call my sister and wish her happy birthday. I'm sure I'll see the grandkids in their costumes and hand out candy at my door. (And with Halloween on a Sunday this year, you have to be prepared for treats on TWO nights!) I'll probably pull out the last plants of the garden this weekend. If the night has enough of a chill, hubby will probably light a fire in the wood burning stove, stoking our own light against the dark of the coming months. We'll huddle down for the winter, looking forward to the fires of Beltane, when spring has come again.

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