Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2008 - What the Hey???

I absolutely cannot believe what this year has wrought.

Jan = spending all my time madly making stuff for what turned out to be a horrible show.

Feb = horrible show, lose trailer tire in blizzard on the way down. Get swindled out of $1100 by show promoter.

Mar = given the boss from hell at a state job. This woman has tried to get my husband fired for years. She's going to be MY boss? Nuh uh!

Apr = good thing, sweet little baby granddaughter Emma. Bad thing. While I'm babysitting her brothers, one of them gives me a goose egg and a black eye!

May = good thing... quit state job and get hired at a stained glass shop. Just feel like a fish out of water because while I've got the experience in warm glass, my stained glass leaves a lot to be desired! Bad thing... loan for house falls through at literally the last minute and I end up living in daughter's basement.

June = busy. Get many projects started, none finished. Start selling at a farmer's market that I sold at last year, but starts out slow, and I can't get there early to set up because of work. Least stressful month so far, though.

July = hubby has surgery on his nose. They keep him extra time at the out patient surgery center because, apparently, he forgets to breathe when he's asleep. He sleeps sitting up, with an oxy concentrator for two weeks. I lose a couple of new candle holders I made to the wind at the farmer's market.

August = I switched doctor's and at a physical he found a lump in my right breast. Not worried, know I've got "dense" ones (packed, not dumb!) and mother has had lots of fibrous lumps. Sends me for a diagnostic mammo anyway, and that Dr. decides to freak out, chew me out for not getting in when I was supposed to. Schedules biopsy. Don't know whether to be worried or not! Biopsy... oh, can we say fun? They had to do TWO of em, and on the second one they couldn't get me to stop bleeding. Ended up with a breast that is 3/4 covered in huge black, red and blue bruise. Not malignant. Yeah. Better to be safe than sorry but... Holy Hannah!
Still living in daughter's basement.

Sooooo... really... can it please get just a bit better for the end of the year??? I really need to finish projects, get stuff sold. It's taken me two full days to catch up with over 2500 email and over 600 deviations here, and almost 200 messages here. For those who faved/watched me... sorry it's taken so long to respond! Hopefully, I will get caught up on projects next!

I did find some torch time, and I've posted pics along with a couple of things I've completed at work.

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