Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glass Art Guild of Utah

This past July I joined the Glass Art Guild of Utah. They only meet every other month so I've just attended my third meeting. This month the guild had a show at Red Butte Gardens. I don't feel like I have anything I could enter yet, but I really wanted to go see what was exhibited so i can prepare myself for shows next year. All I can say is I am blown away by the talent exhibited by the members of this group. I'll have to really put on my creative thinking cap to keep up with, let alone compete with, the members of this group.

I took pictures today while I was there. It is by no means a complete account of what was there, just the things that caught my eye. I also can't find the new lithium batteries I bought for my camera (which is falling apart as well) so I ran out of battery before I took pics of everything I wanted to. So, if any guild members are reading this and got left out, I'm truly sorry. I thought everything I saw there was fun and creative, just didn't get to document it all! Following are pics and credits. Since a lot of people have trouble pricing their items I decided to include the listed prices as well. Awesome work, folks!

Design by Duane Miles, beaded by Kerry