Friday, January 2, 2015

Challenge Day 2

Day two in the sgraffito challenge was to draw a tree in powdered frit using only your fingers and a business card. I like trees, and since I don't do well under pressure it was nice being told what to draw.

Again, my drawing skills are non existent and I'm really feeling the pressure looking at the beautiful drawings people are coming up with. I'm trying to remind myself that this is to stretch MY skills and to draw inspiration instead of intimidation from others. Since I was hoping to be able to keep this, I went small (this piece is about 1.5 x 2.5") and I sketched my tree onto the glass ahead of time. The traces of black marker you can see should fire away during fusing. I used a root beer brown frit that should fire darker.

I would never have thought to use a business card to move frit around. I pushed the frit around to where I needed it and thought, well since I kind of like it, I'll cheat a bit and use a tiny brush to clean up the frit in the open areas. Would you believe the card actually did a better job of cleaning up than the tiniest brush I have? See, THIS is why you do these things. You learn little tiny things to use in your everyday skills.

I will probably fire this, but it won't be until I have other things to fill the kiln with. I'll post a picture when I do. So far, so fun! To follow along on the blog where everyone is participating go to Modern Ancient Glass.

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